Unlike many in my industry, I didn’t have a background in interiors. In fact, I was working in the city for a tech company within the media and marketing field. 

My husband and I bought a family home that was a project. We spent more or less a year with the renovations. Once the builders were finished and the dust settled, we realised we had another large task at hand before we could enjoy our home, which was to furnish our place. It looked nice but empty, bland and boring. We were both working full time and had two children by then with a busy life so you can imagine the sigh at the thought of more house related work.  

We wanted to make our place special. After all, this is where we wanted to raise our children. I knew we didn’t have have so much time in our hands to create something unique and comfortable. We were overwhelmed by the choices we saw. I knew we would run into several disagreements making the process lengthy and more painful. And let’s face it, we had spent a year moving in, not settling in properly due to the renovating and welcomed our second child in the middle of chaos, so thinking about adding more to our to-do list after the renovations were complete, was not easy.  

My solution to this was to contact a few interior designers but we were met with disappointment. They all wanted budgets that were eye watering, none wanted to know our preferences and needs so it was apparent they were going to put their stamp in our home and no one could tell us how much their fee would be as they would charge hourly or a percentage of our total spend. 

So, we created our own interiors very slowly, with pain and frustration. It took so long but we did it and were met with compliments. 

That’s when the penny dropped. It was unfair that we needed the help of a professional designer but no service was available for our specific needs. I would have loved for an interior designer to be all ears about our aspirations and needs so they could use their expertise to meet our requirements. I would have appreciated an interior designer who could create a stunning and comfortable home for us, sourcing from places you and I know rather wanting to custom-make everything. I would have valued an interior designer who could tell me how much they would charge from the get-go so it’s easier to envisage the total investment of the project. I would have loved to be part of the creation process rather than have someone impose things on us and our home. So, I took the leap to give other families what we didn’t have. 

Since launching KaVaRa Interior Design, we have remained true to these needs and we stand strong that a wide range of people can enjoy the benefits of a professional interior designer without compromises or walking into the unknown. We also believe in keeping our clients in the driving seat in the process of creating their dream interiors because after all, this is your home and we want you to feel welcome with open arms every time you walk through the door. For now, and the years to come. We want you to feel centered and proud of your home and what you have achieved. 

If you wish to have interiors that lift your soul, book a discovery call today here so you can tell me about your aspirations, and I can tell how we can help you.