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I met Kaya through networking events, I was impressed with her passion for outcomes and her desire to get the spaces she works with right for each client. ECHO have worked tirelessly over 36 years to support children with heart disease and treated by the Evelina London Children’s Hospital. In 2019 we were given a brief to provide the Cardiac Psychology and Play Specialist team a bright and relaxing room for the children, young people and their parents to use when accessing psychological support services, and for play specialists to hold play sessions for children while they visit hospital. The brief required the room to fit into the hospitals Arctic theme and for it to be a space that would be comfortable for children and young people and their families – a space inside a hospital that didn’t feel like a hospital. We were given a room that was plain, clinical and fairly small, which we wanted to transform to be welcoming, soft and engaging. Many young people and families feel nervous when they first come to meet with a psychologist as it is usually a new experience, and most do not know what to expect. This space would not only provide the setting for appointments but also help the children and young people to feel comfortable. I had only been aware of Kaya’s residential design work, but contacted her to discuss whether this project would be something she could help us with.

Working with Kaya on this project gave us an independent sounding board. She came up with ideas, made plans and, importantly, spent the time she needed speaking to those people who would use the room most. We had to overcome numerous hurdles along the way including charity and NHS guidelines, Health and Safety and working with a mixture of volunteers and paid workforce. Covid-19 then halted the project mid-way through and we needed to assess the storage of goods, workforce availability six months after starting and ensuring that equipment would be available for the end of the project. Kaya worked with us on her first NHS project and her professionalism, attention to detail and ability to adapt to her clients needs was instrumental in us being able to finish this room and deliver it to the hospital for use during the Covid-19 pandemic. With families facing isolation on top of isolation we were so pleased that Kaya could work under the pressures of our moving timelines and growing need for the space. Kaya listens to your needs and is able to adapt to your guidelines, taking away the pressure to project manage. She is very holistic in her approach and ensures she has the right brief before suggesting designs and was very able to adapt to suggested changes and ideas. As a CEO of a charity working closely with hospitals across London and the South East, I am careful about recommending people. Kaya provided us with an outstanding service and the room will support hundreds of children and families each year. If you are considering inviting Kaya into your next commercial project, she has a very transparent pricing structure, is a great listener and can turn your ideas and hopes into reality, resulting in a welcoming and professional environment for your clients.

– Samantha, CEO of ECHO