There are some interior design trends that make me cringe. Let me share these with you so you don’t become a victim of something that’s been overly done.

Painting one wall a different colour to the rest of the room

This is the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to add interest to a room however it dates back to the 2000s. Take 5mins to get inspired online with the countless other options.

50 shades of grey

The grey era is well and truly over. Unless it’s your favourite colour, I would keep away. Injecting some grey into other colours is acceptable. Going grey everywhere isn’t anymore.

Nautical bathrooms

Whether you live by the sea or not, this is a look from the history books. Did this trend start because the bathroom is closely related to water? Whatever the reason, it’s not the best. Far from it actually. 

LED coloured lights

These coloured lights don’t belong anywhere in the house, I’m sorry.

Matching bedroom furniture

This is another throwback to a couple of decades ago. Though lots of shops still sell these types of sets, they are a big design no no. And they never make the most of the space you have.

I hope this has given you direction in terms of what not to look at for your home. You and your house can do a lot better. 

Kaya R.