Commercial Interior Design

Providing bespoke interior designs, we support independent businesses translate their brand and values into their premises so you can stand out from the crowd, build a strong presence and most importantly charge a premium. 

We work closely with hospitality businesses to understand your goals and be part of your overall marketing strategy. Our design will set you apart as the leaders in your market, build your competitive advantage as well as help you attract your ideal and loyal clientele. As a result, you can expect an increased footfall, build great trust and increase revenue. 


We will guide you every step of the way from concept to finishing touches to complete your project, so you can concentrate on building a successful business. Your marketing strategy and business goal is an integral part of our design. 


Getting started

Book a discovery call to tell us more about your project and needs. We also will a site visit. 

Receive your proposal. If you wish to proceed, we will send you a welcome pack and book a date for a site survey. 

 We will dig deep into your brand, marketing strategy and business goals. We will carry out a site survey and break down your budget ahead of the design phase. 


Receive in stages:

– Curated colour palettes that relates to your brand

– Mood boards to develop the concept. 

– Layouts options to demonstrate how best to position the furniture to maximise the space.

– 3D drawings to show what your premises will look like at the end of your project. 

This will hone in your brand, business aspirations and establish the framework of your interiors.



– Curated options for each piece of furniture required with their prices

– Receive links to your selected products so you can place orders

We will find you: furniture/cabinetry, lighting, wall covering, flooring, window treatments, tiling and more. 


Once everything has arrived and is in place:

– book your styling date with us

– We will personally shop for your styling items and accessories

– On styling day, we will come to your home and style your spaces.

 Project complete

– You know how to run your business however you need support creating the right interiors for this to strive in. You are happy to make decisions and implement them but you need an expert to help hone in a great design so you can have a business that encourages your customers to return and spend more with you. 

– You have developed your brand and want to translate this into your workspace making the interiors an integral part of your marketing strategy. 

– You have taken on a new site and want professional help to create something unique that highly resonates with your brand and business values.

– Your established business needs a makeover to breathe in new life and take it to the next level.

Book a discovery call

I would like to understand your current situation and needs by asking a few questions to see if our service can help you.