Interior Design Service

The success of our interior design service is based upon you and I working as a team, enabling you to make many decisions from the curated options we put together with you and your lifestyle in mind, to ensure the final look is a true reflection of ‘you’!

Our bespoke service will ensure you have a unique design to live in and enjoy. Our aim is to relieve you of hours of stress, hard work and those all too costly mistakes and create your dream home together with minimum worry and fuss yet maximum impact and pride.

Working systematically through a transparent and straightforward process, we will take your project over the finishing line with stunning results that will last you for years.


Getting started

Book a discovery call to tell us more about your project and needs.

Book a date for us to visit your premises

Receive your proposal via email. If you wish to proceed:

Receive login details to our online portal and a welcome pack and complete paperwork

We will revisit the property to dig deep into your brand and business goals, carry out a site survey, break down your budget and take reference photo. 


Receive in stages:

3 x curated colour palettes with your preferences in mind

2 x layouts drawing options for the best flow in your spaces

2 x 3D drawings options to show how the room will turn out at the end of the project

This will hone your style, needs, and aspirations and act as the foundation for the project.


Review in our online portal:

3 x curated options for each piece of furniture with the prices and measurements

Once you have made your choices you will be provided with shopping links

Place your orders and receive your items.

This covers furniture, cabinetry, bathroom units, lighting, wall coverings, flooring, window treatments.


Once everything has arrived:

Book your styling date

I’ll personally shop for your styling items and accessories within a budget of yours.

Return to your home with these on the booked date and style your spaces.

Project complete!

Only need part of the service?

Our stand-alone design phase can be your road map if you want to research and source all items yourself to create a functioning and beautiful interior. If you have all your furniture and need to bring life to your space, our stand-alone styling phase will help you complete your home with character and create that ‘wow’ factor you are missing.

If any of the statements below resonate with you, then this is the service you need.

– This is our long-term home so we want to make this a place will love now and in years to come.

– Our home feels outdated, bland, boring or unfinished. We want a stylish interior, but have no idea how to create this ourselves.

– We feel overwhelmed at the choices out there and have neither the time nor energy to complete our project on our own.

– We know what we like and want plenty of say for our project to ensure it’s a reflection of our style and needs.

– We need help to hone in our vision, research the options and present us with products to choose from and implement.

– We are excited to make decisions and act swiftly when presented with curated options.

Why not book a discovery call?

It will give me the opportunity to understand your needs and expectations. I’ll walk you through the process, details and the results you can expect so you can decide if my service is right for you.