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  • Which interior design styles are most appealing to home buyers which subsequently pushes the value of the property higher in London.

    In London’s competitive property market, certain interior design styles tend to be more appealing to home buyers and can potentially increase the value of a property and its likability. Here are a few design styles that are popular among London buyers.

    A clean and sleek design with open spaces, neutral colours, and minimalist aesthetics is highly appealing to home buyers who project themselves in your house when walking around during a viewing. Contemporary design appeals to buyers seeking a sophisticated and uncluttered living environment.


    The Scandinavian style’s emphasis on light and natural materials resonates well with Londoners. It’s functional and sleek where space might not be abundant. It is cosy and creates an inviting atmosphere, making it appealing to potential buyers, especially the younger generation.


    The industrial look with exposed brick, metal accents, and vintage furniture has gained popularity. It’s regarded as timeless and a piece of London.
    It can create a trendy and unique living space that attracts buyers looking for character and style.

    Project Industrial Bathroom

    Traditional with a modern twist:
    A blend of classic elements with modern touches appeals to buyers who appreciate the charm of traditional design while seeking modern comforts. Period properties benefit from this design style hugely as new buyers often like to preserve original features but have the freedom to incorporate modern elements.

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    The focus on simplicity and clutter-free spaces can enhance the perception of spaciousness, which is highly valued in urban settings like London. The busy city we live in often calls for a clear mind.


    Luxury design features high-quality materials, elegant furnishings, and attention to detail. It can attract buyers who are looking to upscale their lifestyle and are willing to pay a premium for refined interiors.

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    Art deco:
    The timeless elegance of art deco design can add a touch of glamour and sophistication to a property. This style is often associated with upscale properties and can attract buyers seeking a touch of opulence.

    Project Retro Bathroom

    Classic and timeless:
    Classic design with enduring appeal, characterised by symmetry, rich colours, and ornate details, can attract buyers who appreciate traditional aesthetics. This is timeless and a true gem in the British culture.

    Project Classic Bathroom

    It’s important to note that the appeal of a particular interior design style can vary depending on the specific location, property age, its style and target demographic. When renovating, it’s advisable to work with professionals who understand the local market and can help create a design that resonates with potential buyers.