Project brief

Location: Petts Wood, Bromley 

This 1930’s semi-detached house went through a loft conversion turning the third floor into a main bedroom with an ensuite bathroom for the couple of the family. The contractors began their work and required the client to make decisions on finishes, place orders and handle deliveries. 

Goals: Conceptualise and design a bedroom creating a boutique hotel feel with a pop of colour. This room needed to become the space to relax in at the end of a long day and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed. 

Practical requirement: Create bespoke wardrobe space while accommodating all existing content into the new one as well as creating additional storage for future use. Incorporate a dressing area within the design. Create light settings that will create different moods. Design, research products and place all orders so they can arrive on time for the contractors’ fitting schedule. 

Design: Using the our clients’ favourite blue as the primary colour for the palette, we developed a vivid palette with strong primary tones. The design incorporated the theme of leaves and nature they wanted into a feature wall which captures attention as soon as you walk in. We designed of a few corners in the room to be used through out the day for quiet time such as the chaise facing the beautiful outdoor view. Our space planning part of the work allowed the wardrobe to fit all the clothing content our clients have and ensured we provided additional storage space for the future. This bedroom is now a tasteful space that uplifts the mood of its owners all year round making it easy to start the day and pleasant to end it.