Project brief

Location: Bromley

This bathroom showroom had become more of a warehouse over the years and needed and complete revamp to turn it back into a modern and inspiring showroom. 

Goal: Our client wanted to elegantly display high end product and sell these with ease to their ideal customers. They wanted to provide their customers a great experience and become well known in the area for the quality of their product and customer care.   

Practical requirements: Come up with an effective layout and several displays that will allow the customers to walk into a showroom and know what they like, want and need. Make their experience to navigate easy and uplifting to compliment the excellent service my client already provides. 

Design: We came up with 6 different concepts of bathroom to showcase all styles and needs can be met by Simply Bathroom Solutions as well as display and consultation areas that compliment the showroom and its flow. We reconfigured the layout of this shop to elevate the experience of each customer as well as the working team. This showroom now attracts affluent buyers and caters to all tastes and styles when it comes to bathroom needs. It has now won best showroom of the year and it was shortlisted for New Bathroom Retailer Of The Year in the KBB retail and design awards.