Project brief

Location: Chislehurst, Bromley 

This Georgian style new build had character and charm however it lacked personality and warmth. Our clients felt this bedroom was vast and empty once they moved in with furniture from their previous house.

Goals: Bring ideas on how to create a space that was welcoming and stylish, making use of the empty areas for different purposes. Keeping the grey paint on the wall, come up with a colour concept that’s bold by avoiding feminine tones. 

Practical requirement: In addition to bedroom furniture, our clients wanted a full length mirror, extra lighting to set the mood and  storage for bedding. 

Design: A bold and unique colour concept and design with the clients’ style and taste in mind. We created a reading corner that calls them to relax with low lights as they are avid readers. Discreet storage was planned at the end of the bed. Now this is an intimate bedroom that feels purposeful. Our clients have a room that welcomes them at the end of a long day where they can relax, recharge and have some quiet time in a design that’s true to their tastes.