Project brief

Location: Chislehurst, Bromley 

This space was always meant to be a media room. It is vast and the media connections were already done dictating the layout. Our clients wanted a space that’s comfortable and classy, making it part of the house where they can entertain friends and family during sporting events and movie nights. 

Goals: Create a room that’s dark and atmospheric perfect for the family as well as guests. Work out a layout that gives the best experience making it work for young and older guests. 

Practical requirements: The existing lighting wasn’t enough as the clients wanted to brighten the space up when needed due not having any windows. They required seating that’s large enough for their guests and them. We proposed the idea of having a bar to enhance the experience in here.  

Design: A bold and mature space with a touch of class was designed with comfort and entertainment as the heart of it. This room will require low maintenance yet welcome everyone to spend hours here. We custom made a bar that’s perfect in style and size creating space for storage and a small beer fridge. 3D wall moulds were added to create a subtle interest and depth in the space. Different types of lighting were included in the design so our clients could set different moods as required. We found the perfect sofa to sink in and finished the project with elegant accessories.