Project brief

Location: Greenwich, London

This is the bedroom of a teenage who never had a makeover since moving in. Over time, the room became tired, dull and impractical. Our clients’ daughter wished for a bedroom she would be proud of and accommodate to her growing interested of painting, plants and spending time with friends away from the rest of the family. 

Goals: Create a bedroom that’s inviting with pastel colours and fairy lights, providing storage solutions that are discreet.  

Practical requirement: Smart storage that hides the clutter, a new desk that’s big enough for creating art, floor space for friends to chill out, new window treatment that’s easy to use. 

Design: A light and airy room with every inch precisely calculated and every item carefully sourced to fit the space so the bedroom can look and feel comfortable and inviting as well as work for the years to come. Mindfully worked on the layout to create enough floor space as requested for friends to come and spend time here. Our clients every wish was addressed and she now has her dream bedroom.