A space is defined for its single use. An open plan living can have multiple spaces (living and dining for example) therefore it will be charged as 2 key spaces if you need my help with both areas.

My brief is always my clients’ style and aspirations. Even if you think you don’t have a style or don’t know exactly what it is, I take the time to dig deep with you on this. Therefore, the spaces turn out to be reflective of your style.  

Without a doubt. One of the most important reasons I ask you to complete the welcome questionnaire at the very beginning of the project and why I visit you in your home, is for me to get to know you, your styles and spaces very well. Therefore, every single design I create is unique to my clients. 

Absolutely. Whatever reason it is you want to keep one or two pieces, I will make sure the design incorporates this or make it centre stage.

These really excite me. I love researching into different period properties before I even come to visit you. If you want me to give the building its respect through the design, I would be honoured to help you do so.

Yes! I have worked with new builds and love them. Some might feel they are hard to work with as they can lack character however isn’t it fun to add the character you want this to have?

If you require additional face to face meetings on top of the home visit and styling stage, there is an additional cost of £85/hour.  

Any charges related to transportation for the styling day such as congestion and parking for more than 2.5 hours will be added to your invoice.

Once you come onboard, you will be provided access to an online portal that we will use throughout the project. This is easy to navigate and it keeps track of all our communication so no details are missed. All of the work I do for you will be uploaded there for you to review.

Two revisions at the design or procurement stages are included. Any additional revision will result in an additional cost.

During our work together, you can contact me via email as many times as you need to. I generally respond within 24 hours between Monday and Friday. If I am off, I will inform you of the dates in advance. You will also get an hour or more of phone contact time depending on how many spaces we are working on, split into 15mins slots. We will schedule these 48 hours in advance between 9am-3pm, Monday to Friday if needed.

I would be happy to contact the vendor and enquire about re-stock on your behalf. Otherwise, I will find you a close enough alternative for you to purchase. Because I only work with items from the high street and online vendors, stock and prices can change often. I highly advise orders are placed within 3-5 days of receiving my shopping list to avoid disappointments. 

Where applicable, yes. I hold trade accounts with a number of retailers such as John Lewis, Habitat, West Elm, Wayfair, Swoon, Sofa.com… each differing in their terms and conditions. If you are eligible for a discount, at the shopping list phase I will instruct you on how to obtain this.

When it comes to the furniture and lighting proposal, you will have a detailed insight into what each product will cost and it is up to you to select the ones you want as you will be given three options for each. This means you are in control of your own budget. 

When it comes to the styling, this budget will go towards the items I purchase on your behalf. On styling day, you will be provided with a breakdown of each of these items. You will also be given the receipts in case you want to take something back for an exchange or refund within the retailers’ return policy. Any budget unspent will be refunded to your account.

Payments are made via bank transfer. A deposit of 35% is due 48 hours before the home visit. The second payment of 30% is to be made before the submission of the furniture and lighting proposal. The third and final payment is to be made 3 weeks before the styling day along with the budget you wish to allocate for this. All the details will be on your invoice.

Every project differs in terms of size, how much furniture needs to be purchased, the styling budget. I would be happy to discuss this on our discovery call. 

Any tradesmen required such as an electrician, decorators, handy person is excluded in this budget.

Anytime after exchanging on your new property is a good time to start our conversation. If you would like to live in your new home for a few weeks to get a feeling for this and then get in touch, that’s also fine.

I live close to Bromley and travel anywhere within the M25 including Central London and roughly 10 miles out of Junction 3, 4 and 5.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, most aspects of my home styling service were delivered to clients online with the exception of the home visit and styling. I am now delivering both of these elements online too as a temporary measure. As the government is starting to ease the lockdown slowly, this might change. We will be sure to speak about this on our discovery call to ensure we are both comfortable with the way we want to work when it comes to the face to face aspects. Rest assured, either way you will be provided with clear guidance and support throughout the project to have this run smoothy and achieve the best results.