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Does your home feel empty, bland and boring? Do you want to give it your personality and make it practical? Do you want to stop going around in circles fearing getting this wrong? It’s hard to know where to start, how to bring every element together nicely, where to buy from, how to find a middle ground with your partner and turn your house into your home without regrets. We help families who have moved into a new home now or a while ago, who are renovating or have finished doing so and families who haven’t updated their home in a while. We create bespoke interiors that will work for your personal needs and lifestyle making it futureproof.

“I had previously worked with an interior designer on our last home but not one that offers the level of detail and personalisation that Kaya does. You will love walking into the rooms she designs.”

Shey – Bickley, Bromley

Our services

Residential Interior Design

Creating bespoke designs which suits you and your lifestyle. 

Commercial Interior Design

Transforming your business premise to help it thrive.

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