You have your house, let’s make it your home

Bespoke Service

KaVaRa Home Styling offers a bespoke design service that brings originality, unique designs and styling to each project honing in your style, needs and ways of living.

By taking away the overwhelming and time-consuming tasks of researching and designing, I provide you with the exciting ones of making the essential decisions and implementing these. I’m here to help you bring your spaces together and give you the pride of a well finished project with timeless designs and a wow factor.

Here to help

If you are juggling life between your family, career, friends, travels and hobbies yet don’t want to compromise on the interior of your house because you understand the importance of a welcoming home where you can feel centered, you have come to the right place.

Strong foundations

The foundation of my work is the relationship with each of my clients. Sourcing everything from the high street and online vendors, my aim is to create a home you truly belong in and that works for the years to come eliminating frustrations you might encounter if you were to do this alone.

Whether you are starting a new chapter in your recently purchased house, you’re creating your long -term home through renovations or just want a fresh start in some of your spaces, turn your house into your home with my help.