Style To Sell

This service is designed to elevate the presentation of your property so it gains undeniable competitive edge when it comes to selling or renting. If you find that you have all the furniture it needs but there is a lack of character or appeal, I can help you and swiftly.

Affluent buyers and tenants are not just looking for a house, they are looking for their future home. A well-presented home can sell or rent far quicker and at a much better price because it has more appeal than something plain and boring. After all, you are promoting a lifestyle within your property. 

Book a discovery call today so we can discuss how I can help you, timelines and fees. 

If you want to go ahead, we will arrange a meeting at the property so I can take measurements and photos for reference.

With your budget I will shop for the necessary styling items and return to the property on a set date and time to style this. 

If any of the below statements are relatable, this service can help you sell or rent your property.

  • You have already or previously put your house on the market and despite all its selling points, it has failed to attract the right buyer for the right price.
  • You have a buy-to-let for which you want better calibre tenants and maximise on the rental income.
  • You have all the furniture it needs but it has very little style or character.  
  • You are an agent with a property that is struggling to sell or rent . You know the presentation can be much better and you want to provide your client with more than just a listing on your website.