Helping you create interiors that will make you fall in love with your home every time you walk through the door

Whether you moved into a new house or you’re going through renovations, you’ve stepped into this new phase so you can enjoy your home the way you always imagined it.

By now, you have probably accumulated many photos on Pinterest that started as inspiration. You’ve spent time in shops and browsed online for various items without much success. You lack ideas on what to do with certain parts of your home. You and your partner haven’t been able to find a middle ground that allows you both to move forward. Neither of you have unlimited time to spare for this project and so many other obstacles are holding you back from creating your dream home within your house. Your spaces look and feel bare which leaves you longing for a home that’s cosy and inviting. You want to feel proud when you walk through the door and when you invite your loved ones around.

I know how overwhelming the task of bringing spaces together cohesively can be especially if you want to keep true to your taste and doing the house justice.

I’m Kaya and I help families who want a beautiful home by working collaboratively with you to create bespoke interiors in 4 simple stages. Together, we will create a home that deeply resonate with you and give you the homelife you always wanted.

I’d love to hear from you. Let’s have a conversation so I can understand your needs as well as tell you how I can help bring your home together with the least amount of pain and frustrations.

Imagine having a bespoke design created with you in mind. Your taste and practical needs are at the heart of our creativity.

No more wasting your precious time browsing individual items feeling unsure of the outcome you’ll end up with. While you enjoy family time, we will do the work for you.

We will combine our creativity, expertise, knowledge and much more to create a home you will love for the years to come.

Vicky and James – Chislehurst
Kaya is absolutely great. Her interior design services are really good value, her approach is 100% professional and we’re really pleased with the final result. The final effect is definitely more stylish and ‘pulled together’ than I would have achieved by myself.
Akshay – Bermondsey
My experience with Kaya has exceeded all my expectations and she has delivered and more on all fronts of the brief of my new place from start to finish, helping me to turn my home from a blank canvas into a work of art. I couldn’t be happier with it and I have received glowing feedback from guests. I cannot recommend KaVaRa Interior Design more highly.
Roz – Greenwich
We have used KaVaRa twice now – that is probably the best endorsement of her work I can give. They were two very different projects, but with each project she gave us exactly what we needed. What was similar about each project was that she listened to us, captured what we wanted and was thoughtful and creative in the outcome. I couldn’t be more delighted with both projects! would not hesitate to use KaVaRa again. Her care and attention, constantly being on hand to make the project work and good eye for detail mean that we have been left with a truly beautiful, liveable space.
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When I created the interiors of my home some years ago, I fell in love with our house and homelife all over again. Whether it’s at the end of a long day or a brilliant holiday, I walk into our house to feel greeted with open arms. There is no place that centres me like my home and that’s how I make sure each of my clients feel when their project is complete.