My experience with KaVaRa and Kaya has exceeded all my expectations and she has delivered and more on all fronts of the brief of the styling of my new flat from start to finish.

I initially got in touch with Kaya having received a recommendation on her work from a mutual acquaintance. I had recently bought a new large two bedroom flat and I had been keen to have the main rooms (two bedrooms and lounge/kitchen) styled in a distinct, elegant but not bank account breaking fashion.

From the beginning I got the strong impression that my ideas and preferences were valued and that I would be professionally guided rather than having her or other stock ideas forced upon me. Kaya visited the empty flat and from the questions she asked I knew that a lot of ideas were being generated and that she was finding out more about me, my likes and dislikes, my budget and the type of colours and furniture that I like and envisaged for the flat. This initial introduction was followed up with an extensive questionnaire in order for her to gain a deeper understanding of my plans for the flat and to learn more about my interests and preferences.

What followed from this was detailed colour scheme options for each room and explanation on how the colour schemes may work in practice from the wall colours, feature walls, curtains and furniture, all of which I found very educational, detailed and well considered. Once I had decided on colour schemes for each rooms, this was taken to the next level with sample wallpapers and paint testers in order to find the right combinations for me. What impressed me most at this initial stage was that out of the three rooms to be styled, the combinations for the two main rooms, my bedroom and the lounge/kitchen, were found very quickly, which is a credit to the work Kaya did behind the scenes on the colour schemes. The second bedroom needed some further combinations to get me happy and this was settled soon after with the range of further options and combinations that Kaya proposed thereafter, which showed to me her depth of knowledge and focus on providing additional options and getting the combinations right so that her client was always happy.

Once we had settled the colour schemes and related paint colours and wallpapers a contractor was engaged to implement the colour scheme and the focus shifted to furnishing of the flat. I found this equally if not more interesting as based on my budget, the colour scheme and the questionnaire, Kaya discussed with me my ideas and considerations for furniture in each room and with the colour scheme in mind she proposed different options largely focused on the type of furniture desired (e.g. shape of sofa and dining table) and the layout of these in each of the rooms. Once this was agreed, Kaya circulated to me in a structured way furniture options for each room, each consistent with our previous discussions. I was impressed with the attention to detail taken with the options presented and often found myself struggling to decide between more than one of the options she had proposed. In addition, this process introduced me to a range of suppliers that I had not considered before but all of which offered great products that were within the budget for the project. Further, if I needed more options to consider, Kaya was always willing to look into this further and always responded swiftly with further options, which greatly assisted me in the decision making process.

Once all the furniture was ordered and delivered, Kaya provided further guidance on where they should be placed in advance of the styling day and on the styling day she added textures and additional complimentary decorations and colours to the flat, all of which helped complete the project to stunning effect.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my new flat and I have received glowing feedback from guests. All of the things I had wanted in terms of the styling of my flat by instructing a professional were met and exceeded and I am proud to call the flat my own and to live in it, all of which is down to Kaya and her hard work on the project. Kaya was both professional and personable throughout the project and I cannot recommend her or KaVaRa more highly.

Akshay Kundaiker

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