My e-design service is unique and tailored to your needs modernising the conventional interior design services you might know.

I equip you with custom-made online tools that save you time, energy and costly mistakes while giving you a big say in how your home will turn out at the end of the project achieving great design result. It is vital your home is reflective of you, your family and your lifestyle while it meets your practical and comfort needs and gives the wow factor you have always wanted. I do the legwork when it comes to designing, researching, visualising, taking into account the small details and narrow down the choices for you within your budget and style. All you have to do is make the final decisions and implement these. We work together in stages to attain the best results that will last.

This service is perfect for those of you who lead a busy lifestyle but still want a stunning home. Whether you want my assistance with every aspect of your home interior or part of it, this is the perfect solution.

Here are the tools you can choose from for each space:

Digital colours schemes

3 digital colour schemes to select from. Guidance will be provided on how to use these best.

2D Room Layouts

2 different drawings to scale showing you how to best position your large furniture in order to make the most of the space and have a great flow.

3D Designs

2 sets of visual insights demonstrating what your space will look like with the above layouts or with your desired ones and chosen colour scheme. It will show all the details you will need to finish the project (decorative aspect including on the walls).


Where you are looking to have pendant lights, chandeliers or any other types of ceiling and wall lights excluding spotlights, you will receive 3 style options to choose from.

Window Treatments

2 options with material, style, colour and pattern guidance. Estimations from my suppliers can be included upon request.


2 options with material, style, colour and pattern guidance. Estimations from my suppliers can be included upon request.

Furniture Style Proposal

3 options per large furniture proposed with their retail prices for you to select from.

Shopping List

A comprehensive list of the items you selected at the furniture style proposal stage with their links, sizes, colours, quantity to order and any applicable trade discounts (subject to T&C) so all you need to do is purchase these and place them in your home.

Hands-on Styling

Once you have received all the items, within your set budget I hand select all the finishing touches and decorative items and return to your home to style your space on a set date.

Get in touch today to book a phone consultation so we can discuss which tools you need from me.

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